The chilly days of late winter make it hard to believe, but summer really is on the way; and, right now is prime time to plan your summer cruise vacation!


In fact, if you want to secure your top choices of destination, ship and stateroom, it’s essential to plan now. Your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert will help you explore a wide variety of options to find your perfect summer cruise, whether you’ll travel on your own, with a partner, with the kids or with an extended family group.

Who you’ll travel with can help narrow down your choice of ship. For example, most ships have staterooms intended for two or more passengers: solo cruisers can either pay a premium to reserve a stateroom for themselves, or use the cruise line’s matching service to find a compatible roommate. However, a few ships offer staterooms specially designed for solo cruisers (you’ll still have plenty of opportunity to make friends in the ship’s social areas).


If you’re planning to cruise with kids or an extended family group, you’ll be most interested in family-oriented ships that offer activities for everyone. There are ships with everything from organized activity programs for the youngest family members to lounges and pool parties for teens, quiet “getaway” spaces for adults, and deck games and dancing for the older set. It may also be important to select a ship that offers lots of dining options in order to please the taste buds of different generations.


If you’ll cruise with a significant other, ask your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert for some romantic options. Some ships offer “ship within a ship” areas that are geared toward romantic experiences, with luxurious features like butler service, private pools and spa amenities.


Because you’ll be cruising in summer, you have the opportunity to select a destination that isn’t available the rest of the year. Popular choices include Alaska and its magnificent coastal scenery; Northern Europe’s Scandinavian capitals (Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki); the breathtaking fjords of Norway; and the forested shorelines and historic ports of New England and Canada. Year-round destinations like the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the Mexican Riviera will be ready to welcome you, too.


Just like winter storms, summer thunderstorms can disrupt airline schedules: plan to fly into your departure port a day early to ensure a smooth start to your cruise. Your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert can help you pick a hotel and give you some ideas for exploring your port city, too.