1 kg. (2.25 lbs.) lean ground beef

½ cup bread crumbs

3 eggs (1 raw, 2 hard boiled and peeled)

2 large cloves garlic (peeled and minced)

1 medium cooking onion (peeled and finely chopped or grated)

Few sprigs of parsley, finely chopped, (keep a couple of sprigs for garnish)

1 teaspoon each salt and pepper

3 tablespoons olive oil


In a large bowl add ground beef, bread crumbs, 1 raw egg, salt, pepper, minced garlic, chopped onion, 2 tbs. olive oil and chopped parsley. Mix ingredients thoroughly

Lightly oil 8”X10” baking/roasting pan

Lay out ground beef mixture over entire bottom of pan, lightly press until flat

Place 2 boiled/peeled eggs end to end on center of ground beef mixture

Carefully fold ground beef (at right and left) of boiled eggs to cover eggs. Lightly pat and form beef mixture into a loaf shape. NOTE: it is very important that the eggs are completely encased in the ground beef mixture.

Centre meat loaf in pan, and rub 1 tbs. olive oil over entire meatloaf

Take tomato puree and lightly coat meatloaf. Mix approx. 4 table spoons of puree with 3/4 cup of water and pour into baking pan.

Cover baking pan with aluminum foil or baking lid.

Pre-heat oven to 3250 F, place covered baking pan in oven and cook for 1 hour or until internal temperature of loaf is 140 F. Take out of oven, uncover and let sit.

Serve with gravy, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies and garlic bread.

Recipe courtesy of Fiftie’s Diner and chef Evangelo Tzaras. Visit them at, or call 905-849-0308.

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