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The heart of Canada’s maritime provinces, Nova Scotia has brooding landscapes, wild sea coasts, and historic fishing villages. Its name means New Scotland, after all. Centered on a beautiful natural harbor, Halifax is one of Canada’s most charming small cities, with lots of 18th-century stone architecture.

Canada’s French-speaking homeland, Québec boasts two fascinating cities. Montréal, in many ways, the cultural center of Canada, has a rich history, excellent food, vibrant arts scene, and an indomitable sense of style. Québec City is at once a modern capital and one of the most historic cities in North America. Dating from the 16th century, it is the only walled city north of Mexico.

Maine is roughly as large as the other five New England states combined. It has 5,500 miles of coastline, some 3,000 coastal islands, and millions of acres of undeveloped woodland. In fact, more than half of the state exists as “unorganized territories,” where no town government exists, and the few inhabitants look to the state for basic services. With all this space and a little planning, you’ll be able to find your piece of Maine

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Best Time to Go

SMay to November (Spring to Fall)

Entry Requirements

Citizens of Australia and the U.K. need a passport and proof of onward passage but in most cases will not need a visa (contact a U.S. embassy or consulate for details).
All U.S. citizens must have a passport when traveling by air to or from Bermuda, Canada, the Caribbean, Central and South America and Mexico. Citizens of Canada, Mexico and the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda also must have a passport or other designated secure document to enter the U.S.

Passports are required for land crossings at the Canadian and Mexican borders with the U.S. and for cruise passengers returning to the U.S. from Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada or Bermuda. This is especially important for those interested in visiting Campobello Island, which is in Canada’s New Brunswick province.


Canadian dollar in Canada
US dollar in the United States of America

Both currencies can be used in either country but change will always be given in the country’s currency.

Do’s & Don’ts

Drivers should pay special attention to moose-crossing signs on the roadways. Drive slowly in warning areas and keep in mind that a moose is in no hurry to get out of your way. When outside your vehicle, do not approach moose. They can sometimes be aggressive and are always unpredictable.
If you go out on the water, be sure there are adequate safety measures onboard, such as navigation equipment and personal flotation devices. Ocean waters along the Maine coast are extremely cold, even in August.
Do consider riding the rapids on one of Maine’s three white-water rivers: the Penobscot, the Kennebec and the Dead.
Don’t miss an opportunity to see the leaves changing color. There are several routes for seeing the spectacular colors of trees in their autumnal glory, and you can take an organized bus tour or drive yourself. Between mid-September and Columbus Day, a recorded foliage report is available (phone 800-932-3419). We recommend the areas around Fryeburg, Rangeley, Presque Isle, Skowhegan and Bucksport for good fall color. The peak viewing period lasts about three weeks, with the northern and northwestern portions of the state usually showing color in the last week of September.
Do attend a clambake on Cabbage Island if you’re at Lineken Bay during the summer.
Don’t be surprised to find lots of countryside in Connecticut: Though parts of the state are heavily urbanized and densely populated, two-thirds of it is open land.
Don’t leave Connecticut without enjoying a lobster bake. Fire departments and community groups often host them in the summer as charity fund-raisers.
Don’t expect Hartford to have a lively nightlife: It’s a commuter city that rolls up the sidewalks after 9 pm. A notable exception is the Hartford Stage Company on Main Street.
Do order a cup at Canada’s most popular coffee franchise, Tim Horton’s—known affectionately as “Timmy’s”—next time you’re in Woodstock. This small town has the highest number of Tim Horton’s per capita in New Brunswick.
Don’t be surprised if you experience extremes of weather in a short period.
Don’t tempt the tides. Many naive visitors have been cut off by quickly rising water and spent the night cold and uncomfortable on a small island—or worse. Know the tide table, travel with a guide who does or consult local newspapers and radio stations for tide information.
Do eat the daily catch on Grand Manan Island, lobster in Shediac and dulse at Dark Harbor (it’s dried and cleaned seaweed and very nutritious).
Don’t be surprised if Canadian beer is stronger than you expect.