Cruising Tips & Tricks

Like many things in life, there are tips and tricks to making the most of a cruise vacation. You could figure them out on your own, but it’s much quicker and easier to ask your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert to share some of his or her in-depth knowledge. To get you started, here are a few of our favourite insider tips:

Speciality Restaurants. On the first night of a cruise, most passengers are still getting familiar with the ship, and most choose to eat in the main dining room; so, it’s a good time to try a speciality restaurant that you may have trouble getting in to on other nights. Some cruise lines even offer speciality dining discounts or complimentary wine on the first night.Spa Treatment

Spa. As with speciality restaurants, the first day is a great time to visit the spa and perhaps score a discount. Plus, you’ll begin your cruise with a more relaxed outlook!

Wine. If you enjoy a glass of wine with dinner but would rather pay per-bottle than per-glass prices, go ahead and purchase a bottle of your favourite. The waiter can mark the bottle with your cabin number and store it for the next evening (even if you dine in a different spot on board).

Green Apples. If you find yourself feeling unexpectedly queasy, you may just need a little time to adjust to the motion of the ship. Call room service and ask for green apples (a cure recommended by many experienced crew members and passengers). That may be all you need, but if not, other seasickness remedies are usually available at the purser’s desk at no charge.

Mattress Toppers. Cruise ship beds are generally very comfortable, but if yours is too firm for your taste, some ships can provide an “egg crate” foam topper, or different varieties of pillows. Just ask your cabin steward.

Good Night's SleepDining. Cruise ship chefs are accustomed to accommodating special requests, so go ahead and ask if an entrée can be prepared in a different way, if you can have two appetisers instead of an entrée, or if you can have an appetiser-sized portion of an entrée, which can be a great way to try new foods.


For more tips like these, ask your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert; and, chat with some of the experienced cruisers you’ll meet on board!