¼ cup flour

¼ cup 35% cream

400ml 2% milk

½ tsp salt

1 tsp black ground pepper

½ tsp ground chives

2 tbsp unsalted butter

8 slices white country style bread, sliced approx. 2 cm thick

16 slices of good quality Black Forest ham

8 slices of Emmental, Swiss or Gruyere cheese


To make a béchamel sauce, whisk together flour, cream and milk on low heat until all lumps are gone. Continue whisking over low heat until sauce thickens – approx. 10 minutes. Once the sauce is thick, remove from heat, add butter, chives and salt and pepper.

Toast 4 pieces of bread, then top each piece with approx. 3 tbsp. of the béchamel sauce and 2 slices of cheese. Place under broiler for 5-10 minutes until crispy.

Toast the other 4 slices of bread, top with more béchamel and 2 slices of ham.

Poach 4 eggs to your liking, then combine sandwiches and place your egg on top.

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