Cruise Ships are Making Better Connections

Until now, equipping ships with high-speed wireless Internet access hasn’t been a top priority for most cruise lines: after all, a cruise is an opportunity to unplug from daily life and put away your laptops, smart phones and other devices, right? Actually, it’s not surprising that cruise travelers are demanding better Wi-Fi: some really can’t [...]

Cruise Ships are Making Better Connections2016-12-30T17:09:47-05:00

Explore the Beautiful Rhine River

The Rhine is a storied river that begins high in the Swiss Alps and travels more than 750 miles to the Netherlands and the North Sea. As one of Europe’s main waterways, it’s a hardworking river that serves historic port cities like Basel, Strasbourg, Rudesheim and Cologne; but, it’s also a fairytale river that flows [...]

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Cruise to Holistic Wellness

A cruise can be a time to indulge in the luxury of delicious food available 24 hours a day, sleeping in comfortable lounge chairs on deck, and tasting new wines and cocktails without a thought to your usual workout routine. But, it’s possible to come home from a cruise feeling better and fitter than when [...]

Cruise to Holistic Wellness2016-12-30T17:09:48-05:00

Cruising is a Great Way to See the World

For those of us who live in North America, cruises of the Caribbean are fantastic vacations. The water, islands and beaches are beautiful; and the weather is almost always welcoming. But as much as people love the Caribbean, remember that there’s a whole world waiting out there; and, you can see a lot of it [...]

Cruising is a Great Way to See the World2016-12-30T17:09:49-05:00

Look Like a Pro on Your First Cruise

Statistics show that a significant number of first-time cruisers become repeat cruisers, because of the overall satisfaction with their vacation experience. If you are thinking of taking your first cruise, what if you could get onboard knowing the things that veteran cruisers already know? We can help with that! Here are some tips that should [...]

Look Like a Pro on Your First Cruise2016-12-30T17:09:49-05:00

The Best Gift of All: A Holiday Cruise

Cruising during the holidays is absolutely delightful. Onboard, you won’t miss out on any of the festivities, music, food or fellowship that you look forward to at the holidays. In fact, you can expect to enjoy all the fun of a Christmas at home, and then some. Throughout the holiday season, ships are decorated from [...]

The Best Gift of All: A Holiday Cruise2016-12-30T17:09:49-05:00

Cruising the Greek Isles

Whitewashed buildings, deep blue waters, dramatic cliffs, ancient wonders and modern attractions: these are some of the highlights of a cruise of the Greek Isles. The mainland of Greece lies at the southern tip of the Balkan Peninsula and includes the city of Athens and its port, Piraeus. If your cruise begins or ends in [...]

Cruising the Greek Isles2016-12-30T17:09:49-05:00

What’s the Difference Between Saint-Martin and Sint Maarten?

What could be more delightful than the Caribbean island of Saint Martin? The 34-square-mile island is two islands in one: the northern 60 percent is the French Collectivity of Saint-Martin; the southern 40 percent is Sint Maarten, one of four constituent countries that form the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The French and the Dutch divided [...]

What’s the Difference Between Saint-Martin and Sint Maarten?2016-12-30T17:09:49-05:00

What to Pack for a Cruise

If you haven’t cruised before – or if you have, but you brought the wrong clothes – here are some pointers on cruise packing. First, a very important point: you can do laundry, or have it done for you, on the ship. That may help you pack lightly, which makes it easier for you to [...]

What to Pack for a Cruise2016-12-30T17:09:49-05:00

Don’t Wait Any Longer to Take Your First Cruise

If you’ve never been on a cruise, you’re missing out on a relaxing vacation! Everything you need is on the ship: comfortable lodging, delicious food, daytime activities and evening entertainment. Moving between ports is as easy as it gets (the ship and crew do it all, mostly while you sleep). So, what’s holding you back? [...]

Don’t Wait Any Longer to Take Your First Cruise2016-12-30T17:09:49-05:00
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