A Breath of Fresh Air for Royal Caribbean Group

Sciences Leads the Way for Royal Caribbean Group’s HVAC System Most of us are familiar with Royal Caribbean International and their fleet of  cruise ships that sail the seven seas. You may not be quite so familiar with the parent company Royal Caribbean Group which encompasses several cruise lines to include: Royal [...]

A Breath of Fresh Air for Royal Caribbean Group2021-03-02T14:45:04-05:00

Discover Oceania Cruises Virtual Event

Have you been dreaming of your next travel adventure? Perhaps it is exploring a new city – the culture, art, food or rediscovering an old favourite. There’s no better time to plan! We invite you to join our Cruise Holidays team and special guest; Kathryne Gordon Cuthbertson, Regional Sales and Marketing Director. for Oceania Cruises for [...]

Discover Oceania Cruises Virtual Event2020-09-02T10:23:45-04:00

A Look at New Cruising Protocols

Cruising has always been one of the safest health choices for a vacation. As you went about your care-free days, you were witness to the continual cleaning of the public areas, reminded to use hand sanitizers especially pre-meals, and cognizant of the safety of the food you ate...

A Look at New Cruising Protocols2020-06-17T13:47:08-04:00

Small Ship Cruising

In these days of “bigger is better”, many discriminating cruisers are opting for small ship cruising instead. Before we get into the reasons why, perhaps we should define what is commonly referred to as “small ship”. The term can vary depending on who is defining it ...

Small Ship Cruising2020-02-18T17:13:56-05:00

Ships Within Ships

Many loyal followers of cruise lines have the opportunity these days of “stepping up” to luxury but still cruising on their favorite ships with the concept of an exclusive area or "ship within a ship". Cruisers are familiar with the difference ...

Ships Within Ships2018-07-25T14:41:31-04:00

Valletta, Malta

If you want to get away from big cities and take in some of the best views in the Mediterranean, your choice must be the historical city of Valletta in Malta. First of all, the population here is less than seven thousand making the city just a big town in disguise. Secondly, while all views ...

Valletta, Malta2018-04-09T17:20:17-04:00
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