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Cruising into Rome

When in Rome, do as the Romans do; enjoy la dolce vita (the sweet life) amid the ancient treasures that occupy the seven hills of the city. If your upcoming cruise of the Mediterranean includes a call on Rome, you are

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Cruising Trinidad and Tobago

Just off the northeastern coast of South America, the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago is home to incredible culture, music, biodiversity and tropical beauty. Trinidad, the larger island, and the smaller Tobago are blessed

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Adjusting Tips on a Cruise

It used to be that part of packing for a cruise was making sure you had enough cash with you to give tips to the crew. On the last day of a cruise, passengers would put cash into a series of small envelopes and personally hand them to crew members who provided good service. That tradition has all but disappeared.

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Cruising to the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, on the eastern half of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, has rightly earned its reputation as a beautiful beach resort destination. It’s also a wonderful place to visit on a cruise, with ships docking at the new, purpose-built cruise terminal at Amber Cove or in the capital of Santo Domingo.

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Cruising Out of Vancouver

If you’re taking a cruise to Alaska, Hawaii or down the West Coast from Vancouver, British Columbia, it’s a fantastic opportunity to spend some extra time in this beautiful city before your cruise. Vancouver’s unique character begins with the natural beauty of its setting, nestled between the Strait of Georgia and the North Shore Mountains.

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Cruising Tips & Tricks

Like many things in life, there are tips and tricks to making the most of a cruise vacation. You could figure them out on your own, but it’s much quicker and easier to ask your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert to share some of his or her in-depth knowledge.

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Spending Time in Bermuda

The famous pink sand beaches of Bermuda look magical against the deep blue water that surrounds this lovely group of islands in the North Atlantic. The opportunity to play on a pink beach is a very good reason to cruise to Bermuda, but there are many more.

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Going Green on a Cruise

If you’re looking for vacation options that are environmentally friendly, look at cruising. Most cruise lines operate in compliance with extensive international guidelines for environmental stewardship, and many do even more. After all, part of the appeal of cruising is the opportunity to enjoy beautiful stretches of water and the healthy marine life within.

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Cruising to Belize

Cruising to Belize Belize, a small Central American country, has more than its share of coastal beauty. The reefs and cayes (small islands) that line its 150-mile coast are part of the Western Hemisphere’s largest reef system. Inland, more than half of Belize is covered with dense forests and nature preserves. Cruise ships call on [...]

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Cruising the Main River

Cruising the Main River Fairy-tale castles, magnificent palaces, deep forests, sunny vineyards and medieval city centers can all be seen on a cruise of Germany’s Main River. The Main (pronounced like “mine”) is sometimes overlooked by travelers eager to cruise one of Europe’s major rivers, like the Rhine or Danube. However, the Main provides a [...]

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