Jenny Richardson is the one to take you to Africa.  I joined her group trip to Botswana in 2013 and, for me, it was the trip of a lifetime!  I had always wanted to experience Africa and was not disappointed in my investment.  Jenny arranged a trip that was triple A in every respect – our accommodation was charming, our forays into the game parks most rewarding (we saw every animal there was to see), our meals were excellent, our travel arrangements from place to place were organized and perfectly comfortable.  But more than all that, Jenny is blessed with an endearing sensitivity and her appreciation of the land, the people and the animals was contagious. As well, her interaction with her group members facilitated feelings of safety, comfort and connection … friendships were created and we, indeed, felt somewhat family-like for two weeks.  Also, and this was big for me, she is not fearful of adventure … I faced, every day, a new adventure – not only the wonders of physical Africa, but the wonders of a new perspective, a new humility, a new adventure of the mind and spirit.

D. Thomson,
Barrie, Ontario


Hey Jenny:

It is our pleasure to let you know what an outstanding time we had on our Africa Trip.  We are travel agents but had never experience Africa before and your introduction to your country was outstanding!  Everything went basically without a hitch, the accommodations where fabulous each in their own right different and exhilarating!  From 5 Star Lodges, to 5 Star Tents, and sleeping under the stars.  The animal viewing was absolutely breathtaking!  From the moment we left until the moment we returned you took care of every detail effectively, efficiently with great humor and grace.  This trip is without a doubt a trip of a lifetime!  Barry and I agree it was our favorite and almost defies description!  How does one top, walking with Lions, riding Elephants, sleeping alongside of Hippos,( just feet away in the river) us in Tents,  and  having lunch with the Elephants also feet away from us!  You are a treasure and we look forward to our next adventure to Africa!

Yours Truly,
C. Tarling